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Ibn Juferi FAQ from /k/ and my answers

edited July 2018

I am actually reluctant to start a post about this but I find it necessary because /k are beginning to influence many people who do not know anything about me and are gullible enough to easily believe whatever shit that /k propagates about me. So it is about time that I open a F.A.Q. (without sounding arrogant or boorish, insha'allah!) about...yeah, guess what, me. Ugh, I cringe at the sound of that, honestly.



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    Q: Are you unemployed? / Are you jobless? / Are you afraid that your employer will find out? / etc.

    A: This should answer your "concerns" about whether I'm unemployed or otherwise.

    Current employer:

    Future employer?

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    Q: Who owns Why are you running this "porn site"?

    A: I own the site and is not a "porn site" by any stretch of the imagination. It is currently a work in progress and it is unfortunate that it was discovered before it is officially announced.

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    Q: Are you a "pejuang agama Islam" (an Islamic fighter)? Did you ever claim that?

    A: The answer is no, I am not an "Islamic fighter" nor have I ever claimed to be one. That is very much different from what I do online, which is Muslim apologetics. To claim that I am a "pejuang agama Islam" and then mock me based on that assumption is ad hominem.

  • Q: Dude, bertaubatlah. You did a crime, seek repentence from Allah, go read the Qur'an, go for the Hajj, clean your sins (etc...)

    A: The cucumber response applies here.

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    Q: Have you been fired from the brand? / "dah kena fired mengaku je la" (if you have been fired why not just admit it)

    A: You are free to believe so if thinking that makes you happy and sleep well at night. As mentioned before, kindly Google for "equity partnership".

  • Q: Do you own porn sites?

    A: I do not own any porn sites.

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