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"Hall of Shame": /k tards at LYN

edited August 2017

Profiling of the infamous troll criminals at LYN forums who call themselves "/k tards". More like "retards" to me.

This is not in reference to the SG stint.


  • edited March 2017

    Police report against LYN forum members for insulting TMJ, who did you think made that report, bodoh?


    Those people in LYN are super-obsessed with me, I really wonder why.

  • edited August 2017

    /k/ dogs still barking like the trash they are. Talk about obsession.


    And by the way, I don't give two hoots about what you think of "escort" links. They are automated links generated from my sponsor and I did not choose the links. So I am not responsible for whatever that appears on the site from that links section. Bodoh punya kopitiam anjing nak tabur pasir dalam periuk nasi orang. Pukimak!

  • edited November 2017

    I wonder whether these people actually have a day job or otherwise. /k tards obsessing about me again!


  • So they are not only dogs, they are also celeng.

  • Still the talk of the /k/ town by the para celeng pukimak sekalian.

    Had any luck figuring out where I work at / sabotaging my role at the brand? Not going to happen, pukimak!

  • The anjing is obviously referring to this page, which has been up since 2002. Only noticing it now? What a dumb idiot.

    To clarify, all proceeds to Bismika Allahuma goes under the projects run by Ittaqullah! Foundation and I do not spend even a single sen for myself.

  • LOL inflamed the pukimaks at /k/ by purposely making racist remarks of a certain race. Now we know for certain that they are Chinese!

  • Parking this screenshot here until further elaboration at a later date

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